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Tabs for Windows Explorer

Just a very brief short today. As a developer you probably know the situation of having a ton of tabs opened at the same time. For people like me who do not reboot their computer over night to not loose the previous development setup, this gets worse day by day. Because of that I have been looking for ways to better organize my desktop, and a crucial part of that is the plethora of Windows Explorer instances. Luckily there is several extensions to the Windows Explorer that can make your life more organized, and introduce Tabs.


Behind the unpleasant name of QTTabBar is a very useful (and free) extension is hiding. After installing the extension from you are greeted with .. nothing. Wait, what? Sadly the initial setup of QTTabbar is not very userfriendly, but all you really have to do is to enable the right toolbar as seen below. From the menu bar choose View (or “Ansicht” in german) then to the very right there is a drop down with Options where you can enable QTTabBar.

Finally, we can open some tabs with the plus sign. Similar to tabs in any modern browser tabs can be moved, cloned and locked. Furthermore, a history of opened files and opened folders is stored, and even grouping functionality exists to store your most important destinations.



QTTabBar is not the only competitor on the tabs-in-explorer market. Another popular solution would be Clover. But it seems like the developer decided to add support for ads in a current version, and the latest download (v3.3.9) is picked up by anti-virus software as malware. Maybe just skipping that one is the better choice.



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